Our bellevue belter has always been our go to tea to start the day - it's a blend of tea designed to deliver a strong cup of tea with milk and a caffeine kick to match. But recently, we've discovered that it is sometimes good to vary the early morning cuppa and have a tea which doesn't need milk. This is particularly true on a morning after a large meal. It's lighter & easier to digest and gives the tummy longer to settle down.

And the great thing is, there are so many teas which do not need milk - our current favourite is our Nilgiri Frost tea but we also have some other lovely boutique teas from the NIlgiris in our range. The oolong, mao feng, orange pekoe and silver tip are all delicious and refreshing without milk.

We put a pinch in the bottom of one of our pint mugs, add boiling or near boiling water and wait for it to be cool enough to drink. We also fill a thermos with any extra boiling water and top up the mug to infuse the leaves twice.

It really is a great way to start the day - especially if you have forgotten to buy milk.


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