Turmeric is becoming well known as a natural anti-inflammatory. It contains compounds called curcuminoids, the most important one of which is curcumin. Its anti-inflammatory properties are sought after because chronic inflammation in our bodies is known to be a major contributor to many common western diseases.

Tea has many of its own health benefits, so we have combined turmeric and some spices with tea to make a spicy hot drink. This is a blend of black tea and spices so not a caffeine free herbal infusion.

Many studies have been done to explore how effective turmeric is. Most of these have been done using turmeric extract which is much stronger than the spice we have in our cupboards. We’re not very good at taking supplements and anyway the evidence from India, where it is used extensively in cooking, is that it really is beneficial at keeping some of our modern diseases at bay.

So we will continue to cook lots of spicy food and add the odd half teaspoon as a secret ingredient in all sorts of other dishes.

And we will be drinking turmeric tea with a touch of manuka honey for an extra health boost and sweetness.


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