Square, string & tag, double-chambered, naked, staple-free, enveloped, non-enveloped, round, pyramid or fuso. Since their introduction in the 1950s tea bags have come in all sorts of shapes, guises and sizes and with the jargon to match.

All were designed in some way to make drinking tea more convenient and less messy than leaves in a pot but the tea bag has increasingly come in for a lot of flak. And, it's true to say that some of the pleasure of making tea and drinking it has been lost in the tea bag revolution.  Whilst some brands have made the quality of tea in their bags a priority, most have not and a low quality tea bag dunked quickly in a mug is not a great advert for the tea or tea bag.

Now, the pendulum is slowly swinging back in favour of the tea pot and people are realising that there is a huge variety of tea out there to enjoy. Most still don't really want the mess of tea leaves and a pot so the fuso pyramid tea bag with tag, which allows a larger leaf tea to be packed and brewed, is a welcome solution. This has increased the variety of teas which can be now be packed, such as our own mountain oolong or chontong. These leaf teas could never have  been packed in traditional square, round or a string & tag bag.

However, it's important to know that a larger leaf size is not necessarily an indicator of quality. These leaf tea pyramid tea bags will still only be as good, as with all bags, as the quality of the tea inside them.


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