The Nilgiri Hills are famed for their beauty with tea produced between 5000 & 8000 feet that deliver liquors of light and flavoury quality.  Unlike in areas such as Darjeeling and Assam there is a large percentage of green leaf in the Nilgiris grown by small holders rather than large estates.  This leaf, generally prized for its appearance and hand-plucked quality, is sold to neighbouring tea factories and is increasingly being manufactured into speciality grades.


Whilst most tea is manufactured commercially and for onward sale to the large global brands, the idea of The Tea Studio was developed by the very experienced tea-man Indi Khanna who recognised there was a growing market ‘for high-end, small lot Nilgiri tea.’

Indi is well known in tea circles for his enthusiasm and knowledge and is particularly highly regarded for his innovation in the generally very traditional world of tea manufacture.  From his beginnings as a trainee tea planter in Assam in the 1970s to his current commitment to The Tea Studio Indi brings new ideas, passion and a proven record in manufacturing high quality teas.

Indi has been a friend and supplier of Bellevue Tea for many years. Indeed, our very popular Nilgiri Green 307 was supplied by him and when it was no longer made we were hard pressed to find an equivalent. 

It is Indi's daughter, Muskan who is head of operations at the Tea Studio. Using carefully hand-plucked leaf and state of the art small batch machinery, Muskan and her small team of women have taken quality production a step further and are now producing distinctly unique teas.

So, we are very pleased that thanks to Indi's tenacity and his team's commitment to their new project, we now have some new speciality teas of excellent quality to offer. This quality is reflected in the three Tea Studio teas which we stock. We are delighted that the Mao Feng has been awarded 3 stars and the Oolong and Finest Orange Pekoe 2 stars at the Great Taste Awards.

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