We were so pleased when bellevue’s best brew leaf tea bags were awarded 2 stars in the GTA 2017 that we have decided to offer the same blend of teas as a loose leaf tea for those who prefer to brew their tea loose in a pot. This is a very different tea from our bellevue belter which is designed to deliver strength and flavour. Like the belter it’s a blend of Kenyan and Indian tea, but it is a large leaf tea carefully blended to get a delicate yet flavoury cup of tea.

Tea drinkers in the UK are often unaware of the part which Kenya plays in keeping us supplied with our daily cuppa but it is the world’s top exporter of tea.

The Kenyan tea in the best brew comes from Kangaita which like many factories in Kenya relies largely on the supply of green leaf from small holder tea farmers. Production, while efficient & modern still requires great skill to produce this top quality large leaf tea which brews so well in a tea pot.

What’s more, brewing tea in a tea pot is the most environmentally friendly way of drinking tea – just compost the leaves afterwards.




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