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bellevue's best brew - 50 leaf tea bags

a blend of excellent teas

This is an excellent blend of RFA teas from Kenya and Assam.

Tea from Kangaita factory situated on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya is well known for its flavoury teas of the best Kenyan quality. The tea is grown by smallholders. The leaf is hand plucked and carefully manufactured to produce the well-rounded taste and bright appearance which is a characteristic of Kenyan teas.

This Kenyan tea is blended with tea from Assam in north east India. Tea estates here are close enough to the mighty Bramaputra river to be at risk from flooding which means the soil is rich fertile alluvium. Not surprisingly this makes for some of the best orthodox teas from Assam. This tea is plucked at the peak of the second flush period when the very best Assam quality can be found.

This is a top class, flavoury cup of tea.

The Great Taste Award judges awarded it 2 stars, commenting that it is: 

'Brisk, bright, coppery - a great blend and really enjoyable'.

This is not called bellevue's best brew for nothing.

Brew with freshly boiled water for 3-5 minutes. Best drunk with milk.

50 leaf tea bags in a resealable pouch or 25 leaf tea bags in a glass jar


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