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an exceptional example of a strong leaf tea

Our house blend was named when a friend drinking it on holiday declared that it was ‘a real early morning belter’.

Belter is defined as something which is exceptional, or an outstanding example of something. So, just as you might say that you had seen ‘a real belter of a rugby match’, you might say and we do, that our house blend ‘is a real belter of a tea!’

People have often said to us that coffee is the only thing which will wake them up in the morning but we think the belter is strong enough to give coffee a run for its money.

We know that this is a real belter of a tea which can kick start the day. Equally, it will refresh and revive at any time of day. As a good strong brew this tea would be the builders' tea in our range.

The best quality teas from India and Africa are blended to produce an extra strong & malty brew that delivers great flavour.

Ingredients: black tea

For the perfect cup of tea use 1 heaped teaspoon per cup and brew for 3 – 5 minutes. Best drunk with milk or your plant-based alternative.

Remember to use water fresh from the tap, bring to the boil only once and pour over the tea leaves immediately. This will make the best cup of tea.

Customer Reviews

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Celia Dickinson
Excellent cup of tea

Tried your tea in our favourite cafe, The Cake Kitchen, Ryde, Isle of Wight , eventually remembering the name, it was time to buy our own supply, our evening cup of tea is heaven, loose tea and china mugs, perfect way to finish a day.

Exactly what you'd expect - in a good way

Robust, tasty tea. I normally got for bellevue best but thought I'd give this a go. Small (ground?) bits of leaf make the tea quicker to brew and gives a more tannin heavy taste so less refined, but makes a great mug of tea for everyday. Not sure it'll usurp my usual purchase, but great all the same.
Wish I'd abandoned teabags years ago!

We are so pleased you gave the bellevue belter a go - we agree that it makes a great mug of tea for everyday!

Bang on - a true 'belter'

This compares very favourably both on price and taste with a tea I took some time to find from another family-owned business. It is what Bellevue says it is - a 'no nonsense' tea and it comes at a 'no nonsense' price. So nice to find such refreshing realism and not marketing bullshit masking over-priced mediocrity.

Thank you for this review. The belter is a great 'get you out of bed tea'!