The World Tea Encyclopaedia Book

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The world of tea explored and explained from bush to brew.

The world boasts myriad teas, most of them lying undiscovered by Western cultures still rooted in the view that tea comes from a tissue bag at breakfast or 4pm. The World Tea Encyclopedia aims to shed light on this wealth of variety and to debunk the snobbishness and doctrine that can scare off newcomers from the joys of tea connoisseurship.

For almost 20 years, Will Battle has been tasting teas and creating blends for tea lovers all over the world. He has lived and worked alongside tea producers in Asia and Africa, visiting hundreds of tea gardens and gaining unparalleled expertise in the process. Here, he gives an in-depth look at the wealth of teas on offer to everyone who loves to steep, infuse and brew. Through intuitive categorisation by taste, the book will help enthusiasts navigate the sometimes complex world of tea terminology to find a tea that suits them. It will educate, inspire and feed a new world of tea-drinking enjoyment and opportunity. The knowledge to upgrade the tea bag, to know what to seek online, to brave a journey to the local tea shop, to submit to curiosity and jump into a world of discovery, or better still: to visit the countries and people that lovingly produce it...The World Tea Encyclopedia lifts the lid off the teapot and allows readers to peer inside.

Containing beautiful images, the most detailed maps yet created for the world of tea, and in-depth exploration of tea-producing countries, it will transports readers into the world of the tea garden, showing them that there is life beyond a discount tea bag. Readers will also find out more about camellia sinensis - the tea bush and the hero of this book. Will Battle takes a look at the origins in which it grows, the landscapes and climate that influence it and the artisans who craft it - and how it all comes together to make a delicious cuppa: surely the only drink to enjoy with this delightful, detailed book, perfect for all tea fans and enthusiasts.